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javascript - document.getElementById(id).focus() is not working ….

Jul 08, 2009 . Stack Overflow Public questions & answers; ... I would loooove to read about javascript specifications I know that implementations will not necessarily follow but when you say "will run when the thread becomes idle" I immediately understood why it wasn't working. So I would like to learn about internals. ... document.getElementById().focus ....

JavaScript Function Not Defined Error (BUT IT IS DEFINED).

Feb 10, 2017 . Using browser development tools see if you can call the function manually from the console. If you still get Function not defined then do the following:.

javascript - html onchange event not working - Stack Overflow.

onchange only occurs when the change to the input element is committed by the user, most of the time this is when the element loses focus.. if you want your function to fire everytime the element value changes you should use the oninput event - this is better than the key up/down events as the value can be changed with the user's mouse ie pasted in, or auto-fill etc.

How can I pass data from Flask to JavaScript in a template?.

Jun 24, 2012 . -1; this answer doesn't make sense. I think (based on the phrasing "a script which is sourced using flask" and your apparent expectation that you'd be able to use template variables in /static/test123.js) that you're misunderstanding how s with srcs work.They're not a Flask feature. The browser, when it parses such a script, makes a separate HTTP request to get the ....

For-each over an array in JavaScript - Stack Overflow.

Feb 17, 2012 . forEach accepts a callback function and, optionally, a value to use as this when calling that callback (not used above). The callback is called for each element in the array, in order, skipping non-existent elements in sparse arrays. Although I only used one parameter above, the callback is called with three arguments: The element for that iteration, the index of that ....

Hot Reload is not working in my React App - Stack Overflow.

Dec 25, 2020 . I use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as my main shell, but typically keep all my projects in C:\projects and create a symlink from /projects -> /mnt/c/projects. This was keeping hot reloading from working. Once I moved the projects to a folder on the WSL filesystem then it started working. -.

How to select a value in a select dropdown with JavaScript? - Stack ....

Yes. As mentioned in the posts, value property is nonstandard and does not work with IE. You will need to use the selectedIndex property to achieve this. You can refer to the w3schools DOM reference to see the properties of HTML elements. The following link will give you the list of properties you can work with on the select element..

java - Javascript long integer - Stack Overflow.

Jan 22, 2017 . In JavaScript, all numbers are 64 bits floating point numbers. This means you can't represent in JavaScript all the Java longs. The size of the mantissa is about 53 bits, which means that your number, 793548328091516928, can't be exactly represented as a JavaScript number..

javascript - addEventListener vs onclick - Stack Overflow.

Broadly speaking, do not use inline events. There may be specific use cases for it, but if you are not 100% sure you have that use case, then you do not and should not use inline events. Modern Javascript (Angular and the like) Since this answer was originally posted, javascript frameworks like Angular have become far more popular..

javascript - jQuery Get Selected Option From Dropdown - Stack Overflow.

Actually the reason .val() isn't working for him is because he didn't actually give his options a value, which is why he has to use your method to retrieve the selected text, so another fix would've been to change choose io to choose io Although your solution is probably quicker and more practical, I figured I'd state this anyways ....

javascript - How to insert text into the textarea at ... - Stack Overflow.

Jun 18, 2012 . @ErikAigner That's not right. Before ES6 A.prototype.fn = X was the only way to have "classes"/inheritance. Just because you can extend your objects, it doesn't mean you should extend native objects. Imagine 10 years ago you implemented Array#map, then Array#map became a native API, but incompatible with yours. Now someone opens your codebase and ....

Get content of a DIV using JavaScript - Stack Overflow.

Dec 27, 2011 . Right now you're setting the innerHTML to an entire div element; you want to set it to just the innerHTML. Also, I think you want MyDiv2.innerHTML = MyDiv 1.innerHTML.Also, I think the argument to document.getElementById is case sensitive. You were passing Div2 when you wanted DIV2. var MyDiv1 = Document.getElementById('DIV1'); var MyDiv2 = ....

javascript - Execute PHP function with onclick - Stack Overflow.

Here's an alternative with AJAX but no jQuery, just regular JavaScript: Add this to first/main php page, where you want to call the action from, but change it from a potential a tag (hyperlink) to a button element, so it does not get clicked by any bots or malicious apps (or whatever)..

How do I split a string with multiple separators in JavaScript?.

Mar 16, 2009 . If you really do not want to visit or interact with the repo, here is the working code: /** * * @param {type} input The string input to be split * @param {type} includeTokensInOutput If true, the tokens are retained in the splitted output. * @param {type} tokens The tokens to be employed in splitting the original string..

show more/Less text with just HTML and JavaScript - Stack Overflow.

I hope this helps you. Here is the functionality: When text characters is less than or equal to 12. Then it displays the whole text and also does not display the more/less button; When text characters is more than 12.Displays only 12 characters of the text and also a More button which when pressed, shows the whole text.; When the More button is pressed the button changes to ....

javascript - SweetAlert prompt with two input fields - Stack Overflow.

Jul 16, 2015 . You can have inputs in the default SweetAlert type, as long as you set the html property to true. The issue is that unless the type is set to "input", SweetAlert adds a display: none to input fields.. It's a bit of a workaround, but you can change this in the js file from.